parents & guardians

We warmly welcome positive parents and guardians into our community workshop. We want to meet encouraging adults who support their inquisitive youth in learning, playing and exploring.

Maker parents and guardians can serve many different roles. Whether you want to tinker alongside your child during a workshop or would like to share your passion and skills with others, we cultivate a safe and open space where people of all ages can gather, learn and make together.

Q: What is a makerspace?

A: Makerspaces can take on different forms, but are broadly defined as a workshop where a community of people come together to make things. At Mt. Elliott Makerspace, we’re growing a network of makers — creative people with vision, practical skills and determination — to make a better world for ourselves and our communities.

Q: Can I accompany my child to the Makerspace?

A: Yes! We love to see positive and engaged adults working alongside their youth in the workshop. Supportive parents and guardians are welcome to make on their own, make with their children or share their skills by mentoring others. Hear about Oyin’s experience working with her children at the Makerspace.

Q: Can I drop my child off and leave them alone at the Makerspace?

A: Youth under the age of 8 are generally not permitted to be in the Makerspace without the supervision of an adult (age 18+) unless a Mentor chooses to assume responsibility for them. This guideline is at Mentor discretion given that some Makers are mature enough to behave appropriately and monitor themselves in the Makerspace regardless of age. However, please keep in mind that the Makerspace can be dangerous for infants and young children. There are many objects and materials in the space that can be hazardous if consumed or handled improperly.

If your child is 8 years of age or older, you may drop them off at the Makerspace during any of our learning workshops (AwesomeShop, SprintShop, OpenShop or other open activities). Please check our calendar for details on our workshop hours and activities. If you do not see an event listed in the calendar, the Makerspace will not be open.

Q: Can I replace my afterschool daycare with enrollment at the Makerspace? 

A: No. While we strive to provide many exciting and educational afterschool and weekend opportunities for our youth, we are not open every day and cannot fill the formal role of an afterschool daycare. Check out our schedule for a full list of our workshops and activities.

Q: How much does it cost to send my child to the Makerspace?

A: It’s free for children and adults to participate in the Makerspace. Fortunately, we’re currently funded by a number of generous supporters and are able to provide support resources to the workspace free of charge. To help us keep the Makerspace free and support our growing community, consider donating online.

Q: Do you take attendance at the Makerspace?

A: No, however, we are looking for children and adults who are able to commit to working in the space on a regular basis. Our community is at it’s healthiest when we have steady participation. We have workshop participants sign in so that we are able to share how many people are using the Makerspace with our funders. 

Q: Is transportation provided to the Makerspace?

A: No, transportation is not provided at this time. Under certain circumstances, we may provide youth transportation to a special event. However, participants are responsible for their rides to and from the Makerspace.

Q: How can I get involved?

A: If you’d like to check out the Makerspace and tinker, build, share skills through mentorship, or simply experience the energy and excitement, come to one of our OpenShops to see what we’re all about.