Side Hustles for Extra Income

Let’s face it – most of us have been in a position where we could use some extra cash, but getting a second job is not the option for a number of reasons. Friends often reach out to one another and try to keep each other in the loop about business opportunities and side hustles, but that sometimes leads to things like MLM aka pyramid schemes. So what side hustles can actually earn you some extra cash? Glad you asked.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of those you-scratch-my-back-and-I’ll-scratch-yours things. Basically, you reach out to a business, like, say, Mr Green, and promote them, improving the traffic on their site and generating additional revenue for the company. If you are successful in your endeavors, you may able to see a profit yourself, as these deals often work on commission.

What do I mean? Say you make a YouTube video on your channel where you mention a promotion that Mr Green happens to have at the moment. Some of your viewers will visit the company’s site and a certain percentage of them will use its services. Looking at traffic analysis, the company knows exactly how many people were lead to them by you and calculate how much you earn based on that.

Drive for Uber or Lyft

Or any other drive-hailing service that is available in your area. In this case, you would need a car and the ability/license to drive it, though there may be a test or two before you can get on the road and start making money. What’s wonderful about this arrangement is the fact that you can turn your availability on and off as you please, making you decide your own hours and pay grade.

Furthermore, it is much more legitimate and profitable than driving an unlicensed taxi in an effort to randomly pick up people on the street. Apart from the rules of the drive hailing company in question, you call all the shots.

Tutoring Online

People all over the world are often struggling with a specific skill they might need for educational or business purposes. This is your opportunity to cash in on that. There are hundreds of learning platforms that allow you to teach people as a freelancer, whether it is how to use computer software or even speak English.

When you tutor online, different companies have different expectations and offer different pay for the same type of work. This depends on your location, your expertise, whether you supply your own material, and the policies of the company in question. Some companies ask that you tutor at least 6 hours a week, while others are happy with 30 minutes in a month. It’s a great type of work for digital nomads.


This includes everything from website design to home repair, though these days there is more freelance work for the digital workers that are not bound by location. There are many freelancing platforms where people offer their services and fees. So, if you have a skill that fulfills the need of an online community and there is nothing in your employment contract or the local law against it, you may consider working as a freelancer. It is a great side-hustle for a bit of extra money with no specific hours and no obligations apart from what you agree on with your client.