What Is the Honey App and How Does It Work?

Learning new things takes time and we are often not trusting about new products and anything that is bleeding edge. Some people love testing limits and they are the ones on the frontlines, buying and using new products. Some like to take it slow and learn through other people’s experiences.

For example, learning how to use promo codes like this Golden Nugget Bonus Code is easy, but learning how to code could be next to impossible if you haven’t already seen somebody do it.

When new applications are released and they start taking over the internet, when you see techtubers advertising them, you start to think, are they the real deal?

Today’s relatively new application is Honey, a browser extension which helps you save money. Let us see if it is so.

What is Honey? (not the food)

Honey is a browser extension that when you download and install, interacts with various retailers, online ones, of course, and searches for coupons. When and if the application finds a coupon, it is immediately applied to your purchase, so you get a discount. This sounds pretty good, because it eliminates the need to search for various other coupons and discounts. 

The application is said to work with over 30000 shops, so the odds that you get a coupon are better than expected.

How Does it Work?

Well, honey has their own site which you can visit if you want to see what they do, from their own mouth, of course. Honey helps their users by finding coupons to various shops, from clothes stores to tech stores. 

Honey also offers referral codes, if you want to invite friends to join. You can also make use of their rewards, coins which you get after purchasing stuff using Honey. The coins can then be redeemed for 10$ coupon codes for any of the stores that are listed.  

Is the Extension Safe?

Honey asks for a lot when you install it, to see the data on all the websites that you visit, as well as to change it. This is a lot of things that an app is asking. However, Honey assures us that our data is safe and that we shouldn’t worry about anything. 

Most companies say that, and given that we already give our data to every service we sign up for, what is another app, if it gives us free coupons?

Seriously speaking, Honey has proven to be safe and they have even gone so far as to state that they can’t guarantee 100% security, because in reality, nothing is completely safe on the internet.

Honey Gold – What is That?

Honey Gold is an interesting addition to the already interesting app, that aims to make your shopping even more rewarding. 4000 stores allow you to earn gold points. They can be redeemed for cash back or gift cards. The program is more rewarding than the regular coins, though not all reviewers seem to think that it is worth our time.

Honey is a great browser extension that you should install if you do a lot of online shopping. Why not get free coupons and discounts while doing regular online shopping? Honey helps by finding and applying coupons to 30000+ stores automatically. Try it out if you are a frequent online shopper.