6 Apps to Manage Your Budget Better

Balancing a checkbook is an underrated skill. It is also outdated, as people rarely use checks nowadays – we’ve gone digital. So, how does one go about checking their financial state? It isn’t the same as keeping track of live betting at Sportingbet, as those things are nowhere near similar. Luckily for you and me, there are several apps worth checking out in this domain.


Mint connects to nearly every financial institution in the US. In other words, if you have money in your accounts, you can see them all in one place. Furthermore, this app lets you check your bills and pay as well as review your lifestyle and spending habits. It then gives you tips on how to save money. It is perfect for people who want to see where every cent goes.

Personal Capital

This app is not for the everyman. It is aimed towards people that have numerous assets and are not willing to pay a fortune to other people to keep track of it. It not only connects all of your accounts, but it also gives you insight into your investments and allows you to manage your risks and edit your portfolio. An additional perk worth considering is the fact that the app allows you to get in touch with financial advisors that may have a tip or two for you.


This app is free with a premium option. What separates Dollarbird from other similar apps is its ability to track your budget and plan accordingly. Just enter your income, your expected budget for the month, and your expenses. You will instantly see the app give you precious bits of advice on how to remain in the black.


This app, as its name suggests, makes every dollar count. You can connect the app to your accounts, set aside a budget and keep track of how you spend your money. It can also connect you to financial experts. If you are not a fan of having a financial app on your phone, there is the desktop version as well. The free trial version is available to everyone, as is the option to upgrade to the premium account.


Mobills does what many other money apps do – it gives you all of the information you need regarding your spending habits. However, it does even more – it provides you with visual information that makes you grasp the effect of your income and expenses better. There are interactive charts that let you know how you can make ends meet by the end of the month and what that means for your daily spending habits.


Goodbudget is an app that is aimed at families and/or people living together and sharing income. It basically runs on the envelope system, where you set aside an amount in each envelope for a particular purpose or a particular date. When the envelope is empty, you need to limit your spending or use another envelope. It is free with a paid version available.