Earning a Bit Extra with Online Tasks

People who are stuck at home and/or between jobs, like workers that have been laid off, or parents, tend to become frustrated with the fact that they are not contributing financially to their home. Sometimes, these people are not tech-savvy and are scared of learning a new skill.

So, what can we do to improve our financial situation at home, apart from coupons and saving energy? Online tasks. Many websites ask you to fill out a survey or make a few clicks and will compensate you financially for these mini-jobs. It’s perfect for those that also don’t have a lot of time to focus on this. Here are a few tasks you can do online.


This website allows you to perform tasks like watching an ad, placing a comment, and surfing the web. The compensation is then turned into SB (or swagbucks) that can later be turned into gift cards or a money transfer via PayPal. If you are concerned about the legality of this, you should know that Swagbucks is recommended by Forbes, Yahoo, and BBB (Better Business Bureau).

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Here you can do the cheap tasks, or apply to do more lucrative tasks. Your application may be accepted or rejected based on your qualification and previous experience. What’s great about this is that most of the compensation is financial, though there are a few tasks that give out gift cards. Since this is a supplemental income, don’t expect to be paid much, the salary is usually around $2, though it may get higher based on the tasks you are doing. The tasks involved are surveys, text editing, and writing, and captioning a photo, to name a few.


You can register at Fiverr and offer your tasks to the general public. Instead of the website telling you what it needs, you can focus on what you can provide. Some people write, others do artwork, while a huge portion of the workers has a gimmick. For example, there is a guy dressed as Jesus giving shoutouts to people you choose as well as deliver short messages – in character, of course.


There are sites that give you a welcome offer, and CashCrate is one of them. You will earn $1 simply by registering. You can take surveys and watch videos to earn a few cents or as much as $25. The payments are done via PayPal, though they sometimes issue a check.


If you have an iPhone, this platform is for you. This isn’t something you do from home. Rather, you check the prices and the availability of certain products in designated locations. Like Swagbucks, EasyShift has some public exposure. It has been featured on Mashable, for instance.