Making a Fortune with Just Luck: a Myth or a Reality

Winning a fortune has always attracted people since the earliest times. People were digging for cold, searching for new treasures, sailing all across the Ocean to find hidden chests with gold. Nowadays, not many people sail across the ocean to find the chest of gold. On the contrary, they visit casinos in person or on the Internet in order to win a fortune and hit the Jackpot. There are many online casinos on the Internet with good offers and bets. Many people first read the reviews, before they choose where and how to place their bets. This has proven to be very helpful because people can rely on some statistics, tips, and tricks given by professionals.  They play many games to win their fortune, for example, Roulette, Craps, Poker, Blackjack and many others. But can you win a fortune by just playing and relying on luck or you need to develop a certain strategy? Is this possible or not? We will try to answer these questions in the following paragraphs and try to solve the myth of winning a fortune.


Luck is an abstract idea many people choose to believe in or choose not to believe in. It is a force of positive energy that gives us an advantage in life and helps us reach certain goals with less effort. However, it is true that there are no elves to give you lucky coins, you need to make the coins yourself. You need to work on your abilities in order to give yourself a step ahead. However, sometimes whatever strategy you apply, whatever you do and regardless of how good you do it, something happens and you lose. If you are the best runner in the world, it does not guarantee you that you will not break a leg while running. But is the missing luck the cause of your breaking the leg, or you did not see something coming, you were not focused enough? For rationalists, luck does not exist, if you think you were unlucky, you actually were not focused enough, and luck should not be blamed. Those who believe in luck say that sometimes we do need to have some luck on our side.


If you do not believe in luck, you prepare, you learn all the game rules, and all the possible exceptions. You think about the game and you think about the players. You develop strategies, tips, and tricks. You think that nothing bad can happen. However, something does happen, for instance, a new better player replaces the old one. Even if you play online games, such as online casino games, you can go without power or without the Internet! Whose fault is that? Is it your fault? Or you were not just lucky enough?  Some unpredicted circumstances can appear that can simply destroy your strategy and give your opponents an advantage. The fact is that there is nothing you can do to give yourself an advantage when some unpredicted circumstances occur. Sometimes you just need to sit back and accept the situation as it is. It is true that you cannot go unprepared, but it is also true that you cannot prepare for everything.


Can you win a fortune without luck? The answer is simply no, you cannot. Can you win a fortune only with luck? Again, the answer is no. You need to have both, you need to develop strategy and to have some lucky coins in your pocket!