Can You Become a Sports Commentator?

Sports broadcasts are amazing and without commentators, they would be rather dull. Throughout the years, you have probably watched some sports broadcasts, or even esports broadcasts and all of them have commentators, even golf. Even serene games like golf or snooker have commentators, as every sports broadcast is better because of it. Listening to the commentators, even sports betting fans might get intrigued and rush over to an online sportsbook to bet. 

Others would listen to commentators and think to themselves whether they could become one. Could anyone become a sports commentator? Yes, they could, but like with any career, there are certain requirements.

Education is Important – Getting a Degree

Anything related to news, broadcasting or sports should be a priority, but mostly news and broadcasting, communication and the like. Those should be the primary education goals. Getting a Bachelor’s Degree should be a valid start. You should always practice when possible, by watching sports games and talking over what’s going on. Practicing the appropriate language skills and communication skills is mandatory. Almost none of the large organizations will want to hire a broadcaster who has no degree or formal education. That is why a college should be a priority. There are online courses, but college degrees go just a tad bit further.

Experience is Also Important – At Home Practice

It is probably better if you use your extra time to practice broadcasting and commentating. The reason for this is that you cannot really start working on live matches if you have no experience. A good way to examine your skills is to comment on a match then watch it after a while or have some friends watch it, preferably something they haven’t watched yet, to see whether they like it.

Using streaming services is encouraged as then you could reach a wider audience, potentially, and an audience which would not be biased. Friends and family tend to beat around the bush rather than saying upright what should be changed and what sucks.

Find Somewhere to be an Intern

Live radio broadcasts, local matches, everything with a broadcast that deals with live sports should be targeted for internship. You need to find a place to practice and if you could land an internship on a local or national radio station, even the second tier ones, you would get practice and exposure, which is what every commentator requires during the first parts of their careers. In the meantime, make sure that the right people realize that you have been doing broadcasts. Muted online broadcasts are a perfect practice ground, which you could record and show to your potential employers as a pitch for internship.

Commentators Require Knowledge

Commentators need to be unbiased and provide a relatively neutral but still exciting overview of what is going on in a match, keeping the viewers and listeners updated. Commentators can only do so much without knowing a lot about the sport in question, or the teams or nations or even individuals who are playing. Familiarize yourself with the sport you want to commentate on.

Anyone can become a sports commentator, provided that they have the necessary education and skills, practice and experience.