Sports That Are Played by Nearly Everyone

Do you find it annoying when a friend tries to convince you that theirs is the correct opinion because, and I quote, “everyone thinks so”? Or, worse yet, “everybody does so”? It becomes even additionally annoying when you realize they are right about many things: the interest rates of bank loans, the experiences of a broken heart, the Sportingbet promotional code, the sports-watching, and the joy of having kids – these are all experiences we tend to share with each other. Going back to sports, here are a few that are played in almost every country in the world.


There is something truly special about a sport that can be played almost anywhere with very little equipment, most of which you can improvise on the fly, that has somehow survived longer than a few religions. The World Cup is followed closely by the globe, and it’s no wonder – almost all are welcome to participate. Of course, some love it more than others – it is especially appreciated in the UK, Spain, and Brazil.


This is another game that transcends boundaries, wars, and religious differences. To play basketball, all you need is a ball and a hoop. The USA and Canada created the sport and then their leagues made them known worldwide. Basketball is played by everyone, though there is a slight difference in the rules between the NBA and FIBA.


This is not a team sport nor is it a cheap one, at that. However, it is very closely followed around the globe, as more than 100 countries participate in the competitions. The game features a scoring system unlike other sports and it is also not limited by time – the longest match was played in 2010 and it lasted just over 11 hours spanning over three days!


You wouldn’t think so, but rugby, the tough game where a surprising amount of strategy is involved, is actually played in about 100 countries in the world. Anecdotes point to an incident involving picking up a soccer ball and running with it as the origin story of rugby, though there is little evidence to corroborate the stories.


Another surprising entry on the list. Cricket was brought into the world by the British, who have spread it across their colonies whenever they expanded their empire just a bit more. Because of this, the sport is very popular in India and Australia, though 105 countries are involved in various competitions.

The Olympics

The disciplines most of the countries in the world are partaking in are brought together in this epic event that occurs every four years and has come from ancient Greece. Ever since its conception, the Olympic Games have been a time for healthy competition and peace, where all countries would set aside their differences and try to best one another.

Pole-vaulting, gymnastics in all its forms, the 100-meter race, and many others are the sports that athletes from nearly every country in the world train hard all their lives to show the world what they’re made of.